We are an exceptional Australian fenders supplier. Fender Marine Australia prides its self on customer experience and quality control for all our client’s fender system requirements. We possess the valuable commercial and technical knowledge to meet the needs of each individual client, ensuring paramount service, product excellence and the ability to meet strict company deadlines.

We pride ourselves on being an innovative and solutions orientated company and our continued success has been based on developing long term relationships with our clients and providing the best value products that withstand the harsh environment resulting in minimum maintenance.

Being a fenders supplier in Australia all our systems are routinely tested to verify consistent performance, quality and environmental sustainability. Fender Marine Australia is proud to be a PIANC Corporate Member.

Our Project Manager at FMA possesses 15 years of extensive qualifications, experience and knowledge in the oil and gas industry:

  • Master and engineer on tug and commercial vessels.
  • Integrated rating and shipping knowledge
  • Health, safety and care for the environment, especially working in A-Class conservation reserves.
  • Involved in major projects such as Sino Iron Project (Cape Preston Port), the Onslow Wheatstone project, the Barrow Island Gorgon project and numerous ports within Australia, Singapore and Indonesia.
  • Tyre Fenders
  • Yacht Inflatable Fender
  • Pneumatic Fender
  • Cylinder Fender
  • UHMW PE Sliding Fender
  • Cell Fender
  • Composite Fender
  • Rubber Ladder
  • UHMW PE Sliding Plate
  • HP Type Fender
  • Fender Accessories
  • Hangers
  • Arch Fender
  • Do Fender
  • Cone Fender
  • Harbour Panel
  • Wheel Fender
  • D & Square Fenders
  • Wing Fender
  • Donut Fender
  • Semi-Circle Fender
  • Corner Fender
  • Tug Fender
  • Leg Fender
  • D Fender
  • M Fender
  • W Fender
  • Roller Fender
  • Foam Fender
  • Ship Launching Airbag
  • Hydro-Pneumatic Fender
  • Buoy Fender