Fender Systems

The commitment to quality is our top priority at Fender Marine Australia, therefore our manufacturer management system is ISO9001:2000/ISO14001:2004 and CCS certificated, complying with all expected standards in the manufacturing of fender products. Our fender systems manufacturer’s quality control centre comprises of all necessary machinery needed to perform individual-specific testing on all products to supply the highest quality fenders to customers. Tests on all fender products prior to delivery include:

  • Compression Test
  • Tensile Test
  • Ozone Resistance Test
  • Abrasion Resistance Test

All rubber fenders are also routinely tested to verify consistent performance, quality and to meet the latest verification testing protocols defined by PIANC and ASTM. This ensures all rubber fenders meet the published Rated Performance Data. The factory is also approved by BUREAU VERITAS to PIANC 2002 – Guidelines for the design of Fenders systems Appendix A: a procedure to determine and report the performance of marine fenders and ASTMD standard Test Methods of Vulcanised Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomers/Tension.

Large ship in port being escorted by tug boat
  • Pneumatic Fender

    Pneumatic Fender

  • Cone Fender

    Cone Fender

  • Cell Fender

    Cell Fender

  • Tugboat Fender

    Tugboat Fender

  • Arch Fender

    Arch Fender

  • Leg Fender

    Leg Fender

  • Cylindrical Fender

    Cylindrical Fender

  • Wheel Fender

    Wheel Fender

  • Roller Fender

    Roller Fender

  • Composite Fender

    Composite Fender

  • D & Square Fenders

    D & Square Fenders

  • W Fender

    W Fender

  • M Fender

    M Fender

  • Wing Fender

    Wing Fender

  • Rubber Ladder

    Rubber Ladder

  • Foam Fender

    Foam Fender

  • Ship Launching Airbag

    Ship Launching Airbag

  • Hydro-Pneumatic Fender

    Hydro-Pneumatic Fender

  • Buoy Fender

    Buoy Fender

  • Donut Fender

    Donut Fender

  • Semi-Circle Fender

    Semi-Circle Fender

  • Corner Fender

    Corner Fender

  • Harbour Panel

    Harbour Panel

  • Sliding Fender

    Sliding Fender

  • UHMW PE Sliding Plate

    UHMW PE Sliding Plate

  • HP Type Fender

    HP Type Fender

  • Fender Accessories

    Fender Accessories

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